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ASSURANCE OF INDIVIDUAL UNION FREEDOM Although the concept of union is a concept that has gained visibility with the industrial revolution, there are worker and employer solidarities arising from sharing the same social group before the establishment of this concept. In Turkey in the p...
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MULTI-SIDED AUTHORIZED AUTHORITY AGREEMENT ON THE AUTOMATIC EXCHANGE OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION As a result of globalizing economic activities, the international flow of securities has forced states to develop a control mechanism to ensure security and transparency. In 2011, Turkey also ...
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Residence Permit Extension Period Turkey to extend a residence permit, the starting date should be written as the end date extension of an existing residence permit. With this information, it is ensured that the duration of the new residence permit is valid from the day the other expires. In add...
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Becoming a Turkish Citizen Through MarriageFirst of all, marriage with a Turkish citizen does not automatically give foreigners the right to become Turkish citizens. The conditions of being a Turkish citizen by marriage are regulated in the 16th article of the Citizenship Law No. 5901. Pursuant ...
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STUDENT RESIDENCE PERMIT Associate degree in a higher education institution in Turkey, undergraduate, graduate or residence permit is issued to foreign students who will receive a doctoral level training.Foreigners who will receive education in a primary and secondary education institution, who...
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General Acquisition of Turkish CitizenshipDear visitor, welcome to the General Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship page. In accordance with Article 11 of the Citizenship Law No. 5901, foreigners who have been living in our country for 5 years without interruption can acquire Turkish Citizenship i...
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