December 15

General Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

General Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Dear visitor, welcome to the General Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship page. In accordance with Article 11 of the Citizenship Law No. 5901, foreigners who have been living in our country for 5 years without interruption can acquire Turkish Citizenship in general, if the following conditions are met. As we have stated in our previous articles, the acquisition of Turkish citizenship is obtained in two ways: by birth and afterwards by the decision of the authorized administration. Foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship later according to general provisions must meet the following conditions.

? The foreigner must be of legal age according to national law, if he is stateless, T.C. Must be of legal age, in accordance with the Civil Code;

? Citizenship for at least 5 years back from the application must have resided in Turkey;

? should specify the foreigner's request to settle in Turkey. For example, to acquire real estate in Turkey, T. C. take actions such as marrying a citizen, Turkish citizen mother, father, having children;

? Should not have a disease that would pose a threat to public health;

? Should not be a person who behaves in accordance with public morality;

? To be able to speak Turkish to take part in Turkish society;

? profession can provide the livelihood of the people and that he is obliged to look at Turkey and must have income;

? Should not have a situation that would pose a threat to the security of the country and public order.

Procedures to be Made by an Applicant for Turkish Citizenship

The application for Turkish citizenship is made to the governorship where the applicant is located, either by himself or by his attorney with a special power of attorney given in this regard. In cases where the applicant is under 18 years of age and (or) lacks discrimination, the application can be made by the parent or guardian.


Turkey Residence Permit Application Required Documents


Republic of Turkey in foreign citizenship application process is carried out based on the Foreign Identification Number.

The application is made by filling the form and submitting the documents listed below. As the application date, the date on which the person receives the form as a document record is taken as basis.

The foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship can stay abroad for a total of 12 months within the period of residence sought pursuant to the new legal regulation. If the total time spent abroad does not exceed 12 months, it is evaluated within the stipulated residence period.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship

1. Turkish Citizenship Application Form;

2. Biometric photo with a white background in 50 × 60 mm format;

3. Passport or equivalent valid substitute document;

4. Birth certificate with identification information or similar document containing such information;

5. The document containing the marital status of the person. Such as marriage certificate, divorce decision, death certificate.

6. A health report with the qualifications determined by the Ministry of Health stating that the person does not have a contagious disease that does not pose a threat to public health;

7. It shows that Turkey has a profession and income to ensure the livelihood of the people to be responsible and look at the document itself (work permit, tax board, etc.);

8. Citizenship at least 5 years from the retroactive application will be taken from the Provincial Police Headquarters that have lived in Turkey shows input-output document dates to Turkey;

9. Valid residence permit for a period of time that will last until the citizenship application is finalized;

10. If the applicant has a final court decision due to any crime, the certified copy;

11. Receipt showing that the service fee has been paid to the Finance Office.

Transactions Made by the Commission

The application made to the Governorship within the borders of the province where the foreigner resides is sent to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior by the Governorate. The applicant can follow the Citizenship application number by learning from the General Directorate Public Relations unit of the relevant Ministry.

The necessary examination is made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and the result of the citizenship application is notified to the relevant person, whether positive or negative.