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Associate degree in a higher education institution in Turkey, undergraduate, graduate or residence permit is issued to foreign students who will receive a doctoral level training.

Foreigners who will receive education in a primary and secondary education institution, whose care and all expenses will be covered by a natural or legal person, can be granted and extended for 1 year during their education with the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

Having a student residence permit does not give the parents or other relatives of the student any right to obtain a residence permit.

If the education period is less than one year, the duration of the student residence permit cannot exceed the education period.

Foreigners who will come to study in our country through various public institutions and organizations can be granted a student residence permit during their education.


a. Submitting the requested information and documents regarding studentship,

b. Not being a foreigner who will not be allowed to enter our country,

c. presenting the address information will remain in Turkey.


In the following cases, the residence permit application will not be accepted, if granted, it will be canceled, and its duration will not be extended.

a. If the conditions required for this permit are not met or are eliminated,

b. If there is some evidence that the education cannot be continued,

c. If there is evidence that the student residence permit has been used for purposes other than the purpose of which it was issued,

D. About valid deportation order or if there is a ban on entry to Turkey. Student residence permit application is not accepted, if granted, it will be canceled, and its duration will not be extended.

Required Documents for Student Residence Permit Application

1. Student Residence permit application form

2. Passport or travel document

3. Biometric photo (up-to-date, taken on a white background)

4. Student certificate

5. Certificate of income

6. Health insurance (Supported by our company)

7. Address document

8. Documents for persons under 18 years of age:

If one of the parents is absent during the residence permit application;

Consent document of the non-applicant,

Death certificate of the deceased spouse if one of the parents is dead

? If the parents are divorced, the child's custody certificate

? If the child's parents are married, the marriage certificate or certified photocopies of the document proving that the child is married

In order to apply for a student residence permit, the foreign citizen must have a formal education record at an institution affiliated to the Higher Education Institution or the Ministry of National Education. Residence permit application will be made by declaring this registration.


What are the requirements to getting education in Turkey?

Wishing to study in Turkey, the first foreign students to do if they are to be read at a public school will be an introduction to the Foreign Student Examination. This exam is opened once a year and it is necessary to register for each school exam individually. With this exam, your competencies in both language and science and social sciences are tested and used as an evaluation criterion for the department you want to apply for. The criteria of the department you will apply to are in their own right, and it is not possible to evaluate the student with only the Foreign Student Exam score.

Whether enrolling in higher degree programs such as associate degree, master's degree, doctorate or earlier groups such as primary school, secondary school, high school, the declaration of previous education is required in both. Transcripts are taken from the schools where they are studied and the education they have received before, the level of success and content of these trainings are required to be documented. This certification process notarized sworn translation process before being presented to schools in Turkey is in a foreign language must be made. These documents and, if any, priority diplomas should be submitted and an application should be made for equivalence assessment.

What is the equivalence in foreign student applications?

What is meant as equivalence here is to examine whether the graduation can be counted by examining the courses and contents taken in the education here in order to count the previous education because the educational contents can be different. Here, depending on the content, equivalence can be given or the person can be graduated and equalized by supporting with additional courses in order to be considered equivalent. This is determined depending on the content of the department applied and previous trainings. to study at a state institution in Turkey for Foreign Students in private schools, although not required for these conditions is essential. Equivalence is required in both conditions.

Foreign students under 18 years old can you get education in Turkey alone?

Who want to study in Turkey less than the pre-licensing; For primary, secondary and high school children, it is sufficient to provide equivalence in the application. In order for the school enrollment of these children to be made here, their parents must be here legally, if a parent is here or a relative is documented as a legal guardian and the child will register for education here, then this must be documented with a consent.

Should I get a visa when coming to Turkey to enroll in school?

Visa exemption of visa requirements in line between Turkey and foreign students in the country who want to apply, hold visas or e-visas after you log in as the country's going to take the exam in is granted time until it completes the process can then be enrolled in school. In the next process to be trained in Turkey with the school record declaring that it should be made application for a residence permit students live here. Student residence permit is the type of residence that entitles the person to stay in the country during their education. The first requirement for the student residence permit application to the Ministry of Education or an educational institution affiliated to the higher education institution is registered in Turkey.

Is the student residence permit given during education?

Student residence permit right varies depending on the duration of the student's education. It is renewed every year depending on the general content and if the duration of the education is less than 1 year, the right to leave is granted for that period. Students often find it difficult to keep track of their residence permit durations, and if it is not followed correctly as a sensitive issue, it can force the process until the cancellation of the school registration. For this reason, to follow up correctly; The dates should be examined correctly and extension applications should be made without missing the dates. Until the end of the education life, extension applications are renewed and the legal stay is obtained.

Can I work with a study permit in Turkey?

Student residence permit as a student is the only person legally stay in Turkey does not recognize the right to work. During their stay, students can enter and exit their countries, and here the school attendance is compulsory.

Is it okay if I am absent while I have a student residence permit?

If those who obtain a student residence permit declaring that they will stay in the country as a student do not fulfill the school attendance requirement, their student residence permit can be canceled. Attendance requirements are different within the scope of the regulations of each school, and if these rules are not followed, the student's student status in the country is not accepted. However, the residence permit will also be canceled.