Competition Law

Demirkılıç Law Office provides legal consultancy and support service on anti-damping and all similar issues within the scope of competition law. While conducting the commercial activities of your company, our office pursue all the transactions which are considered incompatible to competition rules and laws and makes all plans and analysis. Our office gives legal advice in case of your company operations are incompatible to competition rules, as well as finds solutions to the conflicts raised and bring transactions in compliance with the competition law. Conduct and arrange the legal relationship with Competition Authority, make necessary complaints in favor of the related company and pursue the complaints made in the legal area, objection to the decision made by Competition Authority and the use of the judicial remedy are among the services provided by our office. We provide legal services to local and foreign producers as well as exporters and importers such as follow up transactions of Competition Authority related with unfair competition, respond questions sent by managerial authority about these issues and examine on site, protection inquiry, subsidies and inquiry of compensation measures, measures for anti-damping, all other measures taken against unfair practice in international trade. Moreover, we follow up the judicial process and give consultancy on cost and exchange transactions, international trade contracts, consignment and disbursement transactions, transportation, export registered trade, solution of the legal conflict related with investment subsidy regime and custom tax, solution of other conflicts arise within the context of custom law and applicable legislation.