December 15

Residence Permit Extension Period

Residence Permit Extension Period


Turkey to extend a residence permit, the starting date should be written as the end date extension of an existing residence permit. With this information, it is ensured that the duration of the new residence permit is valid from the day the other expires. In addition, the applicant must have a passport with at least 60 days from the start date of the extension or a travel document that can be substituted.


After the application is initiated electronically, the session extension form provided by the system must be added to other information requested in the immigration administration and sent via cargo or PTT.


Documents Required for Extension of Residence Permit


The documents you need to prepare to apply for a residence permit vary depending on the justification of your application. However, you can find the documents to be prepared for all applications below.


Common Application Documents


Below is the message we have documents all documents necessary for Turkey to extend a residence permit procedures.

? Residence Permit Application Form

? Passport Copies (Photocopies of the page with the identification information and the photocopies of all processed pages, called Data Page.)

? 4 Biometric Photos

Document showing that there is enough financial resources for the period of residence

? Foreign Health Insurance


Residence permit extension applications are made through electronic systems made available by the immigration administration. After the application is completed electronically, it must be sent to the provincial immigration administration by registered mail or cargo. A period of 5 business days has been given for this process. Applications of foreigners who do not deliver the documents to the mail within this period will not be processed. Documents to be mailed must include the receipt that the residence permit fee has been paid. No receipt is required for payments made using virtual POS over the Internet.


Most of the documents that need to be prepared for extension of residence permit differ depending on the application reason. In addition to the common documents we have conveyed above, you must include the documents categorized according to your reason for extending the residence permit, as stated below, to your application file.


Who Can Request a Residence Permit Extension?


Persons who have been described with the following brief explanations can request an extension after their residence permit expires:

? Foreigners Coming for Scientific Research

? immovable goods found in Turkey

? Will Establish Business or Business Connection

? Participants in In-Service Training Programs

? Those Trained within the Framework of Student Exchange Programs

? Those who have transferred from family residence permit to short-term residence permit

? Those to be treated

? Required to Stay upon the Request of Administrative Authorities

? Required to Stay Upon Request of Judicial Authorities

? What Should Be Remained By Decision Of The Judicial Authorities

? Those Trained within the Framework of Agreements

? Participants of Turkish Learning Courses

? Those Attending Education, Research, Internship and Courses Through Public Institutions


Can a Tourist Residence Permit be Extension?


In the past years, it was possible to apply for a residence permit for touristic reasons, but with the new application, foreigners who have obtained a residence permit for touristic reasons cannot request an extension, again with a tourist justification. They must request an extension for different reasons.


Student Residence Permit Extension


In order to apply for a student residence permit extension, a document must be obtained from the institution where the student is studying, as stamped-signed / E-signed. An extension of one year can be made for each year that prolongs the education. In other words, although the document expresses a 2-year education period, an extension can be requested for one year, and reapplication is required the next year.

In case of attending only Turkish learning program without participating in associate / undergraduate / graduate / doctorate program, residence permit cannot be extended.

Students who transfer to the open education program cannot apply for a residence permit extension.


Family Residence Permit Extension


Those who have a family residence permit with a shortened period must also request an extension of their residence permit within the defined period. The requested duration of this extension may differ.

One of the documents that must be attached when extending the family residence permit is the marriage certificate. A certified copy of this document is received from Turkey and from abroad were certified translations are available. In addition, if there has been a change in the family structure (such as Birth, Death, Divorce, etc.), these supporting documents must also be attached.

The main conditions to be met in the family residence permit extension are:

? The supporter and all family relatives must have a valid health insurance.

? The total income of the family can allocate more financial resources than 1/3 of the minimum wage for each individual.

? No crime in the last five years and documentation of this

? Persons involved in family reunification live together or prove their intention to live

? The spouses are over 18 years old in the extension requests to be made through the spouse

? The reality of the marriage should be understandable and not just for issuing a residence permit.

However, Family Residence Permit Extension Requests may result negatively. The reasons for the negative requests may be one of the following items.

? The conditions stated above for family residence permit are not met,

? Previously obtained residence permit has been used in a way that is not suitable for the purpose for which it was issued,

? The decision to expel the permit holder or be applied to existing ban on entry to Turkey