Law of Banking

Law of Banking and its practice is developing and changing rapidly in the recent years. In parallel, with the high demand for the credits, banks became the party of various different legal conflicts. Opportunity for the exchange of the capital of the banks within the framework of local partnerships, involvement of foreign banks into the banking sector in Turkey and the inclusion of foreign capital to Turkish banks brings forth many question of law in the sense of foreign and local capital. Administrative relations and conflicts related with banking conflicts due to various finance and special credit applications of the banks, legal conflicts related with the capital structure of the banks, follow up developing and changing legislation of banking and finance , adapt legal entity to the regulations by providing necessary legal support, give assistance for the authorization, transaction and notification in the sense of Council of Bank Audit and Regulation and Securities and Exchange Commission are some of the services that our office provides. We also give consultancy to our clients on regulations concerning law of banking and finance and the solutions of the legal problems caused by these, follow up the development and change of the legislation of banking and providing the necessary legal support, give assistance for the administrative audit in banking, necessary legal applications for the transactions applied by the administrative institutions in banking, litigation, compliance of banking practice to the companies, capital markets and competition law.

- Insurance Law
- Claim for damage related with insurance
- Motor insurance, air and sea insurance
- Manager and officer duties and responsibilities
- Faults and Negligence
- Claims due to fire
- Life and Disability insurance
- Medical Malpractice
- Personal Accidents
- Property and other indemnity
- Succession
- Accident resulting in material damage – Pecuniary an non-pecuniary damages cases
- Pecuniary an non-pecuniary damages cases due to accidents occured inland surface transport
- Pecuniary an non-pecuniary damages cases due to accidents occured inland surface transport, air transport and cargo transportation