Real Property Law

Our office, with its expert staff on practice of real property law, provide consultancy to its clients who are the leaders in sector on real estate buying and selling, obtaining necessary license and certificate complying to legislation concerning construction, development of managerial plans, long term rental agreement, preparation of the due diligence reports, pursue all criminal and legal cases related. Our office deal with the administrative and regulative permits, contracts, drafts of the managerial plans of the property ownership and settlement of rental contracts.

- Possession of the foreigners
- Lease contracts
- Partition cases
- Real and personal right contracts
- Due Diligence
- Contracts of real estate buying and selling
- Actio Confessoria
- Constitution of mortgage
- Action on conflicts of mortgage
- Action for recovery of property
- Confiscation cases
- Conflicts on property ownership
- Land registration and annulment cases
- Action on the revision of errors on the land registration
- Action for evacuation